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Surfing Through The cryptosphere

The world of crypto is always changing. Like the waves, we must learn to go with the flow to make the most of it. Here at Surf People, that is what we do best: Using our expertise in the crypto scene to ride the wave ever upwards.

About Us

We’re a team of two – Henry and Vic – and we’re both passionate about the world of technology, of finance, and of course crypto. We met through our surfing days, and while we still hit the waves where we can our focus isn’t entirely on the ocean right now.

Henry used to build sites for a living, and Vic has always been a writer at heart. Both of us retrained into finance at different times, but together we’ve built a nice pot for both of us to relax on.

Now we want to share our knowledge with the world, so others can ride the wave with us.



From Bitcoin to Etherium, we talk about the blockchain and what it can do


This is what lets us explore our options, and we talk about what's on the table


Money makes the world go round, but understanding it is better than chasing blind

Experience Meets Expertice

We cover a variety of topics here at Surf People. Crypto is our proficiency, but we also know a lot about general finance tips and tricks, as well as the world of technology that allows us to explore these areas.

Having a good, wide net for your knowledge and understanding of how these things work makes life easier to handle. After all, having a wealth of knowledge and know-how to draw on when tackling these questions is always a positive, and as humans we never stop learning how to handle the next wave better than the last.

Want To learn How To Ride The Wave?

Let's Work Together