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Top 10 NFTs To Invest

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Many investors often wonder whether they should invest in real estate or stocks. This doubt often comes from the misconception that real estate is a significantly riskier investment than stocks. However, with NFTs, investors can now buy fractional shares in physically-realized assets.

Here are the top NFTs to invest

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a mobile collectible card game. It is similar to the popular “Heroes of Newerth” and “Hearthstone” games, and it’s free-to-play-which means in-app purchases (IAP) are enabled. However, they are optional. Battle Infinity was released in 2015 by Gameloft, and each subsequent update to the game has tweaked its gameplay, its visuals, and its monetization model.


Icecap is bringing together technology, resources, and personnel to make the diamond industry more accessible to investors. Simply put, through them, you could invest in NFT Diamonds of various kinds, track their value, and watch them grow. This is a lucrative opportunity for fans of crypto who might be looking for opportunities in the precious gems industry.


“MemeLand” is hosted by Tyler Oakley. It’s a place for people to share their favorite internet memes and see how deeply people are willing to go for these humorous images. Each meme has its own page, which shows who created it when it was created, and a link to the original image. By clicking “Submit” on the MemeLand page, you can add your own meme to the website.


MekaRIM is a project aimed at providing a fully functional, modern, cross-platform, and Open Source (GPLv2) Secure Multi-Processing system. It is an acronym for MEchanical KEiP ARchitecture and is based on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.


WonderSecretClub is a global online health and fitness community. It provides its members with exclusive access to hard-to-find health advice, product information, and special promotions from leading health and wellness brands. By joining WonderSecretClub, members receive free access to fitness, beauty, health, and wellness information and advice to help them live healthier lives.


Dads, now are the time to pre-order your presale NFT Collection. This collection was originally created for Father’s Day, but we decided to run with it and create a little presale for everyone! Make your father or father figure feel extra special by gifting him a box of treats created just for him. The box includes a luxurious hand lotion, sugar scrub, scented candle, chocolate truffle, and a handwritten note. This special box will be delivered to your Dad, wrapped with loving care, on the 20th of June.


A deskhead is a word used to describe an office chair with armrests that allow someone to lean back into it. Originally, the term deskhead was only used to describe office chairs with armrests, but recently the term has also been used to describe conference room chairs, seating at desks, and other types of seating with armrests.

The Causeways by Ethentic

The Causeways is an RPG game written with Unreal Engine 4. It’s in early access right now, so there’s still a lot to be sorted out. But assuming that’s sorted out, The Causeways (and its sequel) promises to be an amazing game.

The Causeways by Ethentic are bridges. But in our minds, they’re so much more. They’re functional pieces of art which open up your mind to the infinite possibilities that art can bring to your life. They’re a standard by which other bridges are measured. They combine three unlikely elements wood, metal, and glass–and tuck them into solid structures that look right at home in any location.


Mavrix is a unique tool that enables people with brain injuries to communicate. The key, which resembles a tiny remote, works like a keyboard, with shapes and letters appearing on the screen when tapped.

“Mavrix” comes from the highly-skilled, multi-talented musician born Shira Rose. After graduating from Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Rose began sharing her haunting, hauntingly lovely voice with the world. Now, 18 years later, she has released four albums, sang for Beyonce’s “Lemonade” soundtrack, and soon will release her next solo album, “For the People.” In today’s blog post, we’re going to write about Rose, her music, and why the world needs more musicians like her.

Beyond Citizens

Beyond Citizens is dedicated to supporting youth who are recovering from mental illness, substance abuse, and other DYS problems. Beyond Citizens was formed in 1999 to provide housing and support at Cygnet Lodge, a transitional living residence for young adults struggling with mental illness. Beyond Citizens provides holistic, long-term support, including treatment, housing, and education, to youth ages 18-30 in Iowa City, Coralville, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

NFTs are one of the hottest new investments right now. Alongside various cryptocurrencies, stocks, and many others, NFTs have been able to solidify their ground as valuable investments, depending on the piece you choose. That being said, not each piece would have to be transacted/traded/created in NFT sale platforms. Much like cryptocurrencies, it could now be possible for users to mint NFTs with the help of dedicated platforms. Platforms such as SmartMint from Pastel Network may provide the necessary tools to mint, create, deploy, calculate rareness, and customize traits, properties, and metadata to your NFTs.

The creation of such tools could enable interested users to come up with their own unique creations to sell on NFT marketplaces. Many collections are coming up, and many collectors are interested in buying them. And it’s not just the early adopters who are discovering their value. The sector is set to continue growing, and investors who get in now stand to make big profits.

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